CD-R reading problem with my drives (LTR 40125s and NEC-5700A)

I have a strange problem with my drives… whenever a friend of mine has burned a CD-R in his aopen CDRW drive, none of my drives will read the disks.

My Liteon burner just hangs whenever i insert one of his disks, and the NEC dvd rom drive can usually give me a directory listing and a few files but thats all.

I know its not the CD-R disks causing the problem (tested it by burning one myself) nor does there seem to be anything wrong with my drives (can allways read my own burns)

any idea what could be wrong ?

Some info about the setup for you guys…

my friend is using a 52x aopen burner (cant remember the exact model… its aopen CRW 52… something… will ask tomorrow)… AFAIK he is running full speed under nero with justlink disabled.

My drives are LTR 40125s and NEC-5700A … I am running XP professional SP1

Hope you can help