CD-R Quality

I’ve been reading through many of the posts here and have found that the general consensus of opinion is that;

:smiley: Phythalocyanine
:mad: Cyanine

There are many comments about so-and-so’s CD-Rs are good and others have said they are bad, but ignoring those comments [and I’ve made a few based on my experiences] is this accurate, or should it be said that short stratergy blanks are better than long?

This article seems to suggest that there is little difference between the dye types.

Phthalocyanine is a chemical compound, thus quality is pretty much standard, so that is unlikely to be what makes a good blank CD-R, what other factors are important when considering what makes a good CD-R?

I’m trying to gather enough volunteers to start testing the longevity and durability of varoius cd-r media (from eight different manufacturers).

Please read this thread for more information:


I base my opinion that phthalocyanine is better then cyanine on the ammount of wasted discs I have.
I have more unreadable cyanine discs then I have phthalocyanine (how’s it spelled anyway? :D). Probably cause, as the article says, cyanine is sensitive to light…