CD-R problem


I have a LG GSA-H10N dvd dual layer burner that work well for dvd and CD-RW, but cannot burn CD-R.
When I try to burn CD-R, it keep asking me to put a CD-RW. I try to burn with two different software, Nero7 and the one in windows Vista, they ask me for CD-RW. I have no clue what to do.

Thank you

Hello autoct and welcome to the forum.

What brand of CD-R discs are you using?

are you running Windows Vista?
that’s still not an officially realased product and software support is problematic.
use Windows XP.

Im under XP.
Also the only time im able to write on CD-R ,is when add data to an old one.
Sorry I don’t have my brand here with me but will post it later but I don’t think the problem come from the brand, my writer can see it, he say there’s a CD-R in tray please put a CD-RW

what firmware does your drive have ?

Humm the one that come with it, I remenber looking for firware, but there is no firmware for my drive LG GSA-H10N but there’s one for LG GSA-H10A, don’t know the difference bitwen those.

I send an email to LG support and nerver got answered back