CD-R partially dead after defrag hard drive

I have a no name cd-r with 24x10x40 speed which apparently died on me after a defrag but I started to have some symptoms before that. I run Nero burning software and have Windows XP. Before I did the hard drive defragment it would burn cd’s great at the 24 speed. Probably burned about 50 with no problems. I slowly started to have problems with listeing to cd’s in it before the defrag. It wouldnt play a music cd’s sometimes. Acted like there was nothing in the tray almost, it would spin for a couple of seconds then stop. After the defrag I cant play any music cd’s,whether I burned them or bought cd’s. But it will play games I have on cd’s. That dont bother me too much cause I can use my dvd player to listen but the main problem is that I cannot burn at any speed any music now. I get the damn medium speed error within a couple of seconds. Been looking at all the topics on this with no help so far. Have tried different media to no avail along with updating, changing nero software and removing and reinstalling cd-r driver. I’m leaning towards a dead writer but it seems a little suspicious that after the defrag it wont read music at all and wont burn at all now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Here is something else I just noticed that is perculiar about this problem. When I’m on Nero’s screen that lets me transfer files and do the burn, I went to the toolbar and clicked on “medium info” When there was no cd in, my cd-r tray said no cd present. Thats ok. Then I try a blank cd in the tray and check, it says a blank cd, good again. I then insert a cd with audio on it and check it. It comes back, no cd present. Is there a setting or something I may need to setup for my cd-r drive in nero?