CD-R not recognized

I’ve been searching through the internet, and I actually found a person on this forum with the exact same problem I’m having, but his problem went unsolved and the thread was from five years ago, so I didn’t want to bring it back with a reply.

I have a box of Maxell CD-R disks that my computer won’t read. I have tried Sonic recording software, CDBurnerXP, and the good ol’ drag and drop technique, but nothing seems to read the disk. I have gone into the properties thing for my dvd/cd writer drive and looked under the Recording tab, and everything is as it should be.

Could I be missing some sort of driver, or should I just try a different brand of cd? I appreciate the help!

EDIT: I’m convinced that it’s something to do with my PC, because I took the same disk I’ve been trying to work with to another computer and put some test files on it using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 successfully. When I put the disk in my writer drive on this pc, it still doesn’t recognize it, but my regular CD drive reads it. I’m not sure what to do about this.

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