CD-R Movie won't play in DVD Player

i am trying to use windows movie maker and make a family movie. tried to burn the movie to a CD-R and won’t play in DVD player. We are having a reunion and i need some help on what i need to do to get it to play on tv. Computer is too small.
help please and thank you :sad:

Do you have a dvd burner? If not check here: and on the left you will see " dvd players’ click on that and search for your exact set top player you want to play the movie on, and see if your player will actually play cd-r’s. Most older ones will not, and most that do, will want to see a VCD. If you search for that there, and here: you might find out what you are missing. Good Luck.

you can’t do it on a cd-r, they are made for music and certain data. dvd-r or dvd-rw is what you need to do it, and download a program like nero for the burning. i have had these same problems and this is how it worked…:iagree:;):p:cool:

Hi zuluith and welcome to MyCE. :flower:

That’s not entirely true though as you can burn a VCD or a number of lesser supported video formats on CD such as SVCD, XVCD or miniDVD.

VCD would have been the best bet compatibility wise, as pacmac had suggested, but the quality is very low by today’s standards.

That post you replied to dates from 2005 though and all these formats have effectively been redundant since cheap DVD writers and media became available.

An interesting history lesson though. :slight_smile: