CD-R media

I just got a burner and am now curious as to why, in places like Best Buy etc… that the “music” CD-R disks cost more than the data disks?

Aren’t they pretty much the same? Just curious.


These are discs for use in domestic cd writers that you usualy conect to your hi fi, not cd rom writers that are connected to a computer.

Don’t buy audio cdrs because they are more expensive than normal cdr and I think you can use normal cdr discs to your hifi stuff if it is your hoppy…

I have tryed to burn data (game) to audio cdr and game work fine there is no any problems…

But still audio cd structure is littlebit different than normal cdr!

If you burn some music to audio cdr and to normal cdr you cannot hear different between of these discs quality.

Some hifi peoples say that I can hear clearly difrent between 40000 herts and 40001. they are only stupid.

Hope this help to solve your problem! :wink:

There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between so-called audio discs and “regular discs.” The only difference is that those “audio discs” have a special bit of information on them that commercial stereos check for before burning. If that bit is not there, they refuse to burn. It’s a gimmick just to get more royalties from CD maker companies. In a computer, it doesn’t matter if you use “audio discs” and “regular disc” but “audio” are more expensive, so guess which ones do I buy?

don’t bother…i bought once 3-4 “music-only” cdr’s and they wouldn’t play in my stereo or car cdplayer…