CD-R media test

A few years ago, I stumbled across a utility that would identify manufacturer of cd-r disks.

I used this utility, then would look up quality of disks rated on this site and others, to decide which cd-r to purchase if they went on sale, etc.

Anyone know the utility (or know of something like this) and where to download it?

Also, any listing of best (inexpensive) media for my TDK veloCD burner?


Try Nero CD Speed from:

Not the one I was looking for, but indeed useful! The one I recall would actually identify manufacturer of cd-r (as you probably know, cd-r brands are manufactured by only a few companies, although hundreds of “brands”)

thanks a lot!

:o oops, sorry, that did provide manufacturer and specs


No problem. I believe the program you meant was CD-R Identifier. However AFAIK this program is no longer updated so it may miss certain ATIP information. But anyway here’s a link to it:

manufacture ID utilities