CD-R Media quality How much does it matter?

First I would like to say nice forum and great information. I do have a question. I have been using Kodak Gold media for years. Has never failed me. Some friends insist that the bulk media works just fine. But the gold is often more expensive and sometimes harder to come buy. I would also like to use 80min CD for the extra space. Any thoughts, opinions or relevant links on this site on the subject?

May I suggest you browse through this forum of ours:
CD-R(W) Media Forum

I think you will find the answer to your question over there…

Doesn’t matter. Unless u plan on savin critical data and savin em for decades, I say cheap bulk, light green 32x 80min CDRs that costs around 15 cents each will suite u fine. They don’t generic any error for my overclocked 32 Lite-on (now 48x) or my 24x Plextor. They shuite me fine since I usually use em to store movies, burn music for friends, or trivial things that I don’t expect to use more than a few times.

Hope this helps

I will check the media forum.