CD-R media prices to triple this summer

I just posted the article CD-R media prices to triple this summer.

Vinculum used our newssubmit to tell us:

That PCWorld reports about a price increase in CD-R media during this summer; possible as much as 350%!

This summer, discs are expected to…

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This could be absolutely true & we should stock up. This also could be a hype to sell sell sell more so they can pay out more royalties…Maybe Napster should have folded as a service maintaining thier integrity & opened up as something new so that the ''authorities" wouldn’t feel like they won & like they can make things like cdr price hikes happen so easily?

well I was planning to buy new cdz this month but now I thing I`ll but 500 instead of the usual 100/200

Total bullshit! Prices will raise with about 0.25 U$ per CDR. Starting with the lowest price of 0.10 U$ this is indeed an increase with 350%. But it’s not true that CDRs costing 1 U$ will cost 3 U$ in the future. Because CDRW prices are not affected, this would mean that if CDR prices would triple, they would cost more than a CDRW. Doesn’t make any sense to me.