CD-R Media pretending to be Taiyo Yuden



Be careful while shopping for TY CDs… It appears that Princo is trying to make their discs look like Taiyo Yuden, each time more…

First, they appear to have bought old, used stampers from 16x Taiyo Yuden to use in their own production lines, making some discs with TY ATIPs but still definitely Princo (Dye color, serial number…)…

Now, they’ve gone even farther… The center ring on some new Princo media is “foggy”, like on TY media, on the exact same pattern!

Is there still a “safe, easy” way to ID shrinkwrapped (no spindle) TY media?


Unless things have changed, Yes. Fuji’s that say “Made in Japan” appear to still be TY’s. I bought some about a month ago and they were.


Faking IDs is more and more common.

For example, I’ve bought some Hispace DVD-R, which claimed to be MXL RG01 (Maxell).
Since they were coasters, I’ve contacted Maxell about that, and they said that the code is faked :frowning:


Is there any way these Maxell Music CD-R’s that have the foggy center, say Made in Japan, and have a Taiyo Yuden ATIP, the same cyanine dye they always use, etc, could be Princo?


If they say Made in Japan they are TY.

And no Fujis in my country :frowning: