CD-R media general purpose



Most times i’m using Taiyo Yuden CD’s for important data storage.

Now i’m looking for some cheaper media for general purpose with a bit lower but not bad quality of course.
Which ones should i buy ?

I’ve found some cheap Traxdata (made by Ritek as i’ve read).
Many people recommend Ritek media , but i’ve had bad results in the past with Philips Multipurpose 16x (made by Ritek).
Has Ritek become a better quality manufacturer these days ?


Ritek makes, or has made, a variety of dye types and qualities. The current 48x-52x is called Ritek TG, and is generally very good. In some drives, it burns better than TY. Look for Maxell on sale.


i’ve used 52X Memorex in the past and my C1/C2 scans look good…stuff is always on sale at your local B&M store. i’ve been lucky enough to get Taiyo Yuden Dye Type 1: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO) though but usually it’s CMC.


Ritek are fine , look at primedisc spindles.


Ritek burn especially well in my LTR-52327S CDRW.


I bought a couple of traxdata to check their quality , if i like them i’ll buy some more.

Are all Ritek-made CD’s at the same quality or does the quality depend on the brand that sells them too?


Are all Ritek-made CD’s at the same quality

Not really. Although, since the 48x/52x media has been around, they all seem to be pretty much the same. But Ritek is an OEM maker, and media is made to the buyer’s specs. There was earlier Ritek that was pure crap, but it was 16x and 32x media.



With the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s for only $26 for 100 cakebox at - just how much are you going to save vs. cheaper media?

Me - I’d stick with the TY’s-



I tried the Traxdata Riteks , but the results weren’t that good i had C2 errors right after the burn and even a damaged sector (checked with CDSpeed).
Probably my writer (old Yamaha 2100E) isn’t compatible with Riteks.

bigmike7 : That site only sends products in USA and Canada.

I’ve found some cheap TY but i don’t like the fact that they lack a top coating.