CD-R: Last 3 sectors unreadable? [TS-H653B]

If I burn a CD-R with the WriteMaster H653B (same as SH-S203), then the last two or three, sometimes 1, sometimes even 5 sectors of the disc are always unreadable after burning. (eg. Sector 137200, 137201, 137202, 137203 out of 137203 sectors.).

Can anybody explain that? Does that happen on other disc drives?

Edit: On DVD’s:
:black_small_square:+R: No dead sectors.
:black_small_square:+RW and -RW: No dead sectors.
:black_small_square:-R: Second-last sector unreadable on SOME drives (mostly DVD-ROM drives such as GDr8162B). MiD: RiTEK-F1.

Burned disc is left as open session or finalized?

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Thanks for asking.
It happens in both cases.
Does the laser maybe shut down too early?