Cd-r labels (any clue about manufacturer?)

In the 48x-media testing page, cdgrimes says, re: the good error-free burn of a Memorex disk,

Prodisc,…hmm. This media surprised me as well. Too bad Memorex can’t stay with this supplier.
I looked at Memorex 48x disks in a store, and found three different patterns for the white disks (they also had Black and Cool Colors) on the label side. There are other differences, but these are enough to distinguish them:

#1: “Is it live or is it Memorex?” at top, “700 MB / 80 minutes” on left side.
#2: “Is it live?” at left-center, “700 MB / 80 minutes” on right side.
#3: print is all silverized (no blue, as with 1 and 2), “48x multi speed” on right, “” on left, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” at top.

(The external package was also different for 1 and 2: for #1 the UPC label was near the bottom, was near top for #2. The product number on the UPC, xxxx 4581" was the same for both.)

Is there any correlation between these labels and the manufacturer or factory? between new lots (assumed to be improved) and old lots (probably not as good)? Is the ATIP different for the different labels? (and if not, does this necessarily mean much?)

The store’s dating-tag said September-2002 (for #1), November-2002 (#2), March-2003 (#3).


Memorex buys from the lowest bidder. So far I think all the 48x and 52x in the USA have been Prodisc.
TDK is selling spindles of 52x that is Ritek TG, that may be a better choice. This assumes you can’t get Fuji. :wink:

rdgrimes says,

So far I think all the 48x and 52x in the USA have been Prodisc.
Have you checked each of the three (or more) labels? If not, it might be interesting for people with Memorex-48x to check their label (is it #1, 2, 3, or something else) and report the ATIP, to see if all disks are the same or if there is a difference and a pattern, with label indicating manufacturer. It’s confusing, not knowing which disks come from which manufacturer, and this might help. Or maybe not.


I have some Memorex 32x that are the second type (shattering glass at left center, 700MB/80Min at right center) and are made by CMC. I have some of the first type with the “Is it live…” at the top and 700MB/80min on the left that are Prodisc. I think the 32x CMC Memorex came in a 100-pack spindle pretty much the same as what Ritek uses (sometimes they are very similar; once I got an Optimum CMC spindle that looked identical to a Maxell Ritek spindle.) The Prodiscs came in a spindle with “Memorex” on the top of the spindle itself and “finger grips” at the top. BTW, someone said that they have found CMCs and Riteks in this same packaging. I noticed that the white coating of the Prodiscs feels smoother than the CMC’s coating.

I’m using memorex for a year now so I’ll tell you what I know.
At first almost all Memorex I’ve got ( 24xslim, ?xbulk ) were looking #2 and were made by Ritek Co. and I could say they’re good. A few months ago this thing changed: the 24xslim were still Ritek ( and ok quality ) but the 25-pack spindle and 50-pack spindle were looking like #1 and were made by Prodisk ( and I’ve got to say they’re bad ), and 100-pack spindle were looking like #3 were made by CMC ( this was very bad ). Than, after a few months all pack spindles were looking like #3 and they’re made by CMC. Now the 24xslim is also replaced with 48xslims looking like #3 ( not #2 anymore ) and thery’re all made by CMC.
So I think I’ll give up on Memorex a go to another brand ( manufacturer ).
Also it seems like there is a link between the look and the manufacturer. Something like this:
#1 - Prodisk or CMC
#2 - Ritek Co.
#3 - CMC