CD-R issues


I have 3 CHEAP cd-R’s that I burned on, I can see the area where the burner wrote on the disk but none of my drives will read the disk…

I knew these cd’s sucked but I didn’t know they would FAKE a burn, as basically that’s what they did… Nothing appears, I have even tried scaning using file recovery programs. The CD is BLANK, I havent tried because I don’t want to destroy any data, but I could probably burn on it again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just need 1 file out of it.


Sorry forgot to mention,

Make of cd-r is NATURAL

NATURAL CD-R with XO Technology (Excellent Optical Technology)

I hope the files are ON THE DISK as I know the burner works… I havent found a company website anywhere.

Thanks again

Not sure if there’s any way of recovering any data that may have been written, possibly someone else can answer that (I really hope you still have those files on your HDD, though ;)).

Cheap media can bring a whole host of problems…try a piece of quality media to really test whether it’s the disc or not.

Or try something like ISObuster? Not sure how helpful that would be if the disc isn’t even recognised as having been burned…failing that, try reading the disc on a different PC (you say you tried different drives).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I will try ISObuster i am quite new at this maybe you have a link?

Yes I have tried 3 different pc’s, on CD players, dvd players dvd burners cd burners every type of drive there is and no effect… I can see by the color that the disk has been burned… Believe me I usually use high quality cd’s but I ran out. The most I know about these is I had them and knew they wherent perfect… When i used them for AUDIO cd’s only certain players could read the music… Maybe I have to find the 1 player that will read it. I don’t know but the file is NOT on the hard drive.

Thanks anyone else know about this?

I will throw away the unburnt cd’s

Thanks for your help

ISOBuster - hope it helps!

If not, try and find someone with a LiteOn drive, they tend to be a bit more forgiving - it might just do the trick, although it’s a long shot!

Throwing away the unburnt CDs is probably a very good idea, LOL :slight_smile:

If I could only find the company it’s probably a sub name for another cd company cause I can’t find it anywhere… Any one know about Natural CD-R company?

What’s a LITEON drive? are they costly I may buy one HA HA HA

LOL…LiteOn make CD and DVD burners! They’re usually very good at recovering data from trashed or sub-standard discs. Pioneer drives seem to be good at this, too.

As for costly, depends where you are…here in the UK they can be had a for a good price. :slight_smile:

Edit: but I wouldn’t buy a new drive on the strength of a few unreadable discs :wink:

My drive READS AND READS for over 2 minutes while it usually only takes 10 seconds to know whats on the disk… I have downloaded and installed IsoBuster and it says that the CD is BLANK… I see the markings the burner made to the disk… I am getting more and more mad at the company… They should be praying I never find their contact information.

I am thinking maybe this has something to do with the XO technology (Excellent Optical Technology) what does that mean and do I need a specific reader or burner for these disks?

I will go at my local computer store and see if their drives can read the disk…

If they can I will tell them to copy all info and burn it on a SUPER HIGH QUALITY disk HA HA HA… If not then I will go to the store where I bought these disks and check the label for company names and contact info… I lost the original label the cd’s came in a 50 pak… I will be wasting like 45 cd’s…

Checking other packs at the store - that’s a good idea, never thought of that…but saying that, the company would more than likely ignore any complaint if you did find contact info!

It’s looking more and more like you’ve lost your data :(…but you never know, someone else might come along and post something that helps!

As for “Excellent Optical Technology” - I doubt very much that you need a special drive to read it, sounds more like marketing bullcrap to me. :wink:

You could try complaining to the store where you bought them, and see if they’ll accept the remaining discs back - you never know!

if it keeps on reading and reading it doesn’t look good
had same symptomes waaay back when I had princo cd’s…
what drive are you using to read the discs?

you could try out the trial version of BadCopy Pro to see if it finds anything on your disc,

as for the other 45 discs, you could also put them on ebay :slight_smile:

Verbatim CD-R media is a good, reliable & widely available media. It’s the only brand of CD-R that I buy.
You learn by experience that cheap media, be it CD or DVD, is worthless. Avoid shop brands, bulk paq etc.

the Pastel series of Verbatim are TY
watch out for the others though, they can be from various suppliers.

The Verbatim Super AZO are MCC , of which Verbatim is part & the extra protection are CMC.

kinda funny to read the words protection and CMC in one sentence knowing their “quality” :slight_smile:

out of curiosity… they take an MCC disc and do something with it.

The Verbatim Extra Protection 52x CD-R media that I have, is Moser Baer (not CMC) - purchased in Germany 10½ months ago.

Do you have those Verbatim Extra Protection by CMC yourself, or did you just read about is somewhere?

Yes, I did a disc info just before that post.

That would confirm what The Wiep said about them being by various suppliers.

I really don’t want a refund for these disks, I bought them a few hours (by car) away and they wheren’t very expensive (it would cost me more for gas to get there than it would to just throw them out). To read these disks I am trying different drives, mitsumi cd burner, LG dvd burner, I am also using the dvd burner on my Gateway laptop to try and read, and also the cd burner on an HP computer (I don’t know the make or model as they both came with the computer)…

I know it’s burned on it… It has hapenned to me before that you burn a cd and it really didn’t work, but not 3 in a row… (I burned 3 disks on that day and all 3 do not read) I can actually SEE how much of the space the burning took (if you know what I mean) HAS THIS HAPENNED TO ANYONE BEFORE? I know sometimes burning FAKES and it really didn’t burn, but this time I know it burned… When I burned the disk I used windows xp directly… There’s gotta be something I can do… The computer store has no tech guy until tomorrow so I could not have anyone there try and read the disk… PLEASSSSEEEEE HHHHEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!!!

To be honest it’s only the 3rd time i was using these disks, the other 2 times where only for music cd’s, I was able to play them but only in certain players. WEIRED!!!

I put the rest of the disks in the microwave 1 by 1 and had some fun with them… HA HA HA… But the other disks I burned I will keep trying to get the information off it.

Thanks all of you guys for all ur help… I will keep u gusy posted if I find something of any value to this case of ******tty cd’s. Hey they should call these the APRIL FOOLS CD’S Maybe I should have kept a few as a joke HA HA HA!

Glad to see you’ve kept your sense of humour about this. Must try the microwave experience for myself. :bigsmile: