[CD-r] infiniti

does someone know if “infiniti” CD-r’s are good CD’s?

The publisher of the CDR doesnt matter. Its who makes them that matters. I think but i am not 100% sure that some of those are CMC which are crap.

They are Ritek: http://www.romstore.be/product/infiniti/cakebox80/atip.jpg

Infiniti always used Ritek a couple of years ago, now they use Moser Baer, CMC and Ritek.

I’ve had a lot of Moser Baer from them. Infiniti discs are really cheap here, only a few miles from their factory :wink:

Now I won’t use Infiniti discs, they aren’t what they used to be.


This is what I’ve had from them over the past few months

Discrite = Moser Baer or somtimes CMC
Infiniti = CMC or Ritek

huh, I know it’s 2004 now, but would you know if you can tell CMC/Ritek from the spindle with infiniti discs?

These seem to be the discs most available here in york…

Ritek CDR spindles usually have a characteristic rounded top edge on the cakebox, where CMC usually has a sharp lip. Often, Ritek will also have a grey base, but not always.