CD-R Identifier wont work

I’m running XP pro and i have downloaded the new apsi thing and the program will not see my cd writer or cd rom drive. What am i doing wrong?

I can’t get it to work in Win2K either (aspi 4.70), but I’m running a dual-boot win98-win2K Pro machine. It works fine in win98. In win2K I just use the disc info button in Nero (shift + info button gives more info too).

I got a dual boot going too 98/xp pro, and when i use the apsi install checker it shows that it’s installed but cdr id and Feurio says its not installed.

Install ASPI 4.60

Ok i went here and downloaded the apsi force installer and it installed 4.60 then i got the 4.71 version and installed over it and now it works.