CD-R going bronze/brown



I have a wierd problem. Had few hundred Fuji CD-R stored in their own jewel cases. After few years they have turned brown on the outer edge of disc. Ok, backupped them to Verbatim Azos. Datalifeplus and Shiny Silver Azos.

Now, after about a year, those Azos stored in the same Fuji cases are again turning same kind of brown at the same outer edge. Same discs burned at the same time and stored in different cases are looking perfectly fine.

When scanning them with CD/DVD-Speed they are seem to be ok, those brownish ones too.

My question here is, why is this happening? Only those with Fuji cases are changing their colour, but scanning gives perfect results, similar to non-coloured ones stored in other cases.

I suppose this has nothing to do with degradation. Some brownish CD are burned just a few months ago.

Have someone ever experienced the same?

And do I have to worry about those brownish CD’s if scanning gives perfect results? Shouldn’t degradation show in scans?
As I think this is somehow just cosmetic and somehow those Fuji cases are to blame here.

Or… worst case scenario… I don’t want to burn all of those again as I have just finished the job backupping those brown Fujis.:a


Are these the Taiyo Yuden made ones? I’ve had that problem as well, except a few turn orange on me! but those aren’t readable anymore! :frowning:


Fujis were Made in Germany. So no TY. Those Azos are MIC (Datalifeplus) and MII (Datalifeplus and Shiny Silver Azo). Both going brown again about 1 centimeter area from the outer edge of the label side. Some of them are burned just few months ago.

I found yesterday one old TDK (Mitsui) Metallic Cd-r that was also stored in those Fuji cases for years (burned something like 2002-2004) from my shelf. It is completely brown from the label side, originally it was silver colour. But when I scanned it yesterday, it gave VERY good result. As good as I can get with TY today. And of course it was fully readable.

I’ve had different Sonys, many different TDK’s, Maxells, and now Verbatims going brown in those Fuji cases. So it is not the disks causing this. But when scanned they are in perfect shape. Only this colouring happens.

Pretty wierd… But I suppose I don’t have to worry if scans are still good?


It could be something in the cases that is causing it!


[QUOTE=RCM;2544064]It could be something in the cases that is causing it![/QUOTE]

Yes. This is why I ask here. Any similar experience anyone?
I’m beginning to ignore the whole colouring thing because scans are absolutely perfect…

Shouldn’t degradation and aging always show in quality scan? Or not?
If scans are ok with 5-8 year old disks, I don’t have to worry?


I have that Problem
with some DVD`s i used About 4 years ago but cant say if the whole batch turned Bronze/ brown…
I live at the Coast about 3 kilometers from the Sea .
BUT I did Quility scans and were Better than my Newest Verbatum …
so discolouring is No problem 4 me …
on the outside …