CD-R / DVDR Advice needed

I decided to buy some cd/dvd and i need some advice. I can choose from:

Verbatim AZO CD-R 80 50/pack @ 12.22 euro

Verbatim CD-R 80 Extra Protection 100/pack @ 16.66 euro

Verbatim DVD-R 4,7 Gb 25/pack @ 5.55 euro

Verbatim DVD+R 4,7 Gb 25/pack @ 5.55 euro

Verbatim DVD-R 4,7 Gb 50/pac folie @ 12.22 euro

In short, Azo vs. Extra Protection and DVD-R vs. DVD+R
The product in the last photo is produced by Verbatim, or it;s the “valute” line…?
I don’t have any product codes, i will buy them online.

Thank you in advance.

Short answer: Go for the AZO products, which use Verbatim/Mitsubishi technology.

Thanx a lot DrageMester. Sorry for the typos in the previous message :slight_smile:
I was thinking about CD-R Extra Protection first, but it seems they don’t use AZO.
Best regards