CD-R/DVD+-R with DirectCD5

I need to get a drive that works with DirectCD5. Its going into a commercial DVR running win2Kpro and not entirely sure but pretty sure it runs DirectCD5.


@ mibagent_x,

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It is not a CD/DVD Drive Hardware compatibly issue but a Software capability issue with ALL Packet Writing Software Programs.

Why in the earth would you WANT to use the well-documented problematic DirectCD Packet Writing Software Program or ANY other Packet Writing Software Program?

It is a well-known well-documented fact that DirectCD, InCD, DLA, Drag-To-Disc, PacketCD, FileCD, BackUp4All or any other of the Packet Writing Software Programs are extremely problematic, cause untold conflict error problems, fail to perform correctly, and cause loss of data problems.

Suggest firing up Google Search ( and perform search on the topic of Packet Writing Software and acquaint yourself with the horrors of Packet Writing Software Programs.

Have you consider a DVD-RAM capable DVD Burner with the use of DVD-RAM Media instated of attempting to use known problematic Packet Writing Software? My Pioneer DVD-RAM Read/Write capable DV-112, DVR-115, DVR-116 drives all work flawlessly with DVD-RAM Media.


I understand the problem but I am stuck with using DirectCD5. The drive is in a Pelco DX7000 DVR. Which only has DirectCD5 installed. I went to where the DVR was today and did so more testing and turns out the software was installed incorrectly. Reinstalled and applied a patch in the Direct CD directory for packet writing and it works now. Go figure. Was talking to the guy that uses the DVR and come to find out he never even tried to write a CD till the other day. So it never was working properly to begin with.

Thank you for taking time to reply.