Cd-r, dvd does not read


I have problem reading cd-r and DVD’s.
These are given by a professional photo grapher in INdia
It has my family photos in it. When ever I insert the disc in to my home computer or office computer , it says “Please insert disc in to drive”
I tried playing on sony dvd player. It says error c 13 70. I bought a vcd player and tested it. Even this player it loads and loads and displayes nothing.
My computer reads all other dvds and cds normally.
I do not know if it has copy protection. when I insert cd-r in the dvd drive it says please insert disc . In the cd-rom also gives the same message.
If I insert the dvd in the dvd drive( I guess it is a dvd on the disc it says IMPACT DASH 120 min 16X 4.7 GV) does n’t show any files in the drive. It the used space as 0 and free space as zero.
These discs showed the photos fine in the vcd player back in India. Here in US i am not able to view anything

Please help if you have any suggestions.


:cool: Hi
Your DVD is probably region protected :
perhaps you could find a solution at this adress :

Thanks for the reply. As said in the link, I make my DVD-ROM region Free.
But no luck.


IMPACT DASH - i hope it is a red dvd with six black dots…If you bought it from india…
Is on of the cheapest DVD’s i hav bought …Currently i am running checks on it…Till now it dosent look promising…

It sounds like a case of cheap media. So it is virtualy impossible to get it to work. You could try to recover it, using UltraISO or somthing like that.