Cd-r drive restarts my pc when i put in a cd

this may be a little off topic but i need help.
i got an hp 8250.
it worked fine for about a year.
now suddenly when i put in a cd, my computer restarts without any warning.
i turned off auto run. now when i put in a cd, i can see the icon for it, and the title of the cd, but as soon as i click on d:, my computer restarts.
i thought it was a windows problem, so i booted up in dos, and did a dir of d:, and my computer restarted.
my drive is IDE, i got win98se…

can anyone help???

so, something must have been added or removed from your system for an instability to happen… ie things don’t just stop working by themselves…

I would say that either windows has fubar’d itself somehow - (there’s a surprise!!!) or your burner has taken a chop for the worst…

I would try a different burner in your machine if you can get your hands on one first - failing which a re-install of windows.

good luck…

i did actually get a chance to try an old cd-rom.
it restarted.
its on the same ide cable… could that be whats wrong?
do you know what part of windows is messing up?
i cant reformat because i got a lot of shit on my hd and now i have no way to back it up.

disconnect the cdr / cdrom and then boot into windows, transfer all to a second HD / over network then re-load onto C:

(assuming your pc has a second partition on it??) failing which - plug your hd into someone elses pc as a slave to get the data off…