CD-R disc price increase reflected by November sales

I just posted the article CD-R disc price increase reflected by November sales.

The increase in CD-R prices has its influence on sales of two leading companies, CMC Magnetics and Ritek. Both made greater profits on their CD-R sales. If you want to know more about CD-R in…

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Manufacturing price is $0,19-0,20?? That’s 0,22Euro. A spindel of 100CDR’s Platinum costs 27 Euro, so manufacturer and seller only earn 5 Euro. Laat me nie lache

let me correct you, thunder… as of now EUR/USD xchange rate is flatly on par (1:1) … surely there’s no 10/12% margin in between! this said, the revenue would go up to 7 EUR, not saying it’s a lot though :wink:

They are just the average prices, not the lowest or the highest. The Taiwanese manufacturers have made hardly any margin and that’s how they could defeat even the South Korean competitors like Saehan, SKC, LG, Samsung, Woong-Jin, etc. They mostly gave up producing the media in South Korea and instead prefer importing from Ritek, CMC, Princo, InfoDisc, Prodisc, etc. since it’s even cheaper that way. It is true that the average manufacturing cost of CD-R media is around US$0.2. It is unreasonable to expect any more price drop for those cheap CD-R media. DigiTimes is a local Taiwanese IT newspaper mainly, by the way.