CD-R demand to reach 4.5 billion units this year

I just posted the article CD-R demand to reach 4.5 billion units this year.

We all know that burning is a lot of fun, and more and more people seem to understand this. According to the Japan Recording Media Industries Association will the blank CD-R disc demand grow to 5.6…

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BURN, BURN, BURN… :slight_smile:

cool… how many cdr`s from the 5.6 billion are for cdfreaks members ?

It is so ironic that “some market observers” claim we’ve peaked out on Cdr’s - I just bought 50 blanks for $17. A guy walked up to me & said “Dude go to Best Buy. It’s $12 for 50 cdr discs with rebate. Meanwhile, (here comes the real irony) CompUSA had 5 (that’s 5 only) 3” cdr’s for $8. I don’t get it…should I get 50 700 mb blanks for $17 or 5 185mb disks for $8…goodness.