I have some backup images on my hd that i want to burn to CD-Rs. Can I burn them to CD-RWs to test if the images are good first and will I get the same results as with CD-Rs?

Does anybody know how I can tell if my DVD-ROM reads ATIP. I think i does because som of my backups that work in my old DVD-ROM doesn’t work in my new one.:a

  1. Generally, yes.

  2. What dvd do you have? Most ordinary dvd roms (i.e. non-writers) can’t read the atip but there are a handful that, apparently, can. What’s more likely though is that your new dvd is picky about copies.

thanks philamber

my DVD-ROM is a HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8160B (an oem drive in a fujitsu siemens scaleo 600)