Cd-r >> cd-rw ?!?



I read in a magazine (Computer! Totaal) that they used some chemicals on a regular cd-r and it became a cd-rw!!!
But I can't find any info about it!
Do you?!?


Don’t believe everything you read!
They are physically different!


Do you know the magazine? It’s from a dutch computer club and at a meeting (monthly) they let everybody give a cd-r and they made a cd-rw out it for the people! (they got it back after the show!)
I don’t think they’re fouling it!
If somebody likes it I’ll scan the article.
link coming up…

#4 or if that didn’t work (first time trying it!) goto and click cdr-rw.jpg!


Must have been the april issue
(btw Some german magazine had the gag of having a prog for turning your cd-rom playerinto a workin cd-r
The program was called lirpa har. har. har.)


The base for CD-R and CD-RW is fully different. CD-RW has bio level that after burning by laser lose transparency.
But has possibility to return to previous condition after erasing.
CD-R - one way only.


Just sharing some info!