CD-R capacity

I’m looking for a list where the overburn capacity for different discs is presented. In particular I would like to know huw much the TDK 700 MB 24x and Kodak 700 MB 12x/24x can be oversized.

you can check with nero’s cd speed

Or you may buy those 90 or 99min CD-R’s…you could oversize op to 90 or 99min on these with the right hardware/software combination.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try both your suggestions.

I’m of the oppinion that TDK is a good choice for oversizing. Do you agree? Bought some TDK 16x 74min, and they could be oversized to 78.38min! That’s nice. :slight_smile:

Yes, nice…but you may get in trouble reading the last few minutes…so I suggest that you try to read them after writing them to be sure that they are okay…

It depends also on what you burn to it and what error correction is needed for the particular setting you use,ie:a 74min cd can contain about 746 mb,if it’s used to burn audio!
An imagefile:cdrom,mode2,commonly used for video or graphical data can put about 742mb on a 74min cd…

yrah you’re right from my tests tdk cds are the one that could be overburned the most
just ,ake sure that the manufacturer is tdk and not ritek