Cd-r burning speed with 832s

Is it possible to get my 832s dvd burner to burn cd’s at 1x and 2x? The reason i’m asking is because i have some 99 minute cd-r’s and they just have too many errors at the 8x speed.


try using different burning software…when using clone cd…you can choose any burn speed

I need to load a cuesheet with an mp3 and i don’t think that clonecd will overburn for 99 minute cd’s.

Have you tried writing it at a higher speed?

A lot of the LiteOns I’ve played around with have this weird characteristic where they write near-perfect at high speeds but are completely error-riddled at low speed!

For instance, on my 52327s I do a 48x burn, and it’ll finish with maybe 200 errors.
Do the same at 8x, on the same type of media, with the same data, and I end up with over 10,000!

I have heard of that “quirk” that sounds like it’s “back-wards” from what you would expect with “less errors” at “higher speeds” just as you stated with the CD-R 48X example.

In fact I consistently get better KProbe scans from Ricoh jp-1 and MC002 dvd+r’s when burning them at 8X with my 812@832 than when I burn the same discs at only 4X and both of those types of dvd+r’s are only “4X certified” -go figure…

It’s nice to get better results at higher speeds though, so I can’t complain about that Lite On “quirk”. :smiley:

I tried it at 40x, it’s better but it still get’s messed up towards the end in a cd player. I read that if you burn at 1x or 2x speed it will play flawlessly.