CD-R burned with NERO no longer working in my car

I would very much appreciated your thoughts as I think I’m going nuts with this problem of mine.

Back-story: I have used Nero 5-8 on Windows XP for a long time, I would burn Audio CD (any writing speed) and it would work in my car cd player (it doesn’t support mp3)

In the last month I bought a new Dell computer with Windows 7. I have tried using Nero 9 - 12 and no matter what speed, no cd-r’s are working in my car.

I cannot figure it out.

Help Please ???

Do they play on your computer?
If so,maybe the discs are not finalised.

Yep, I do click on the finalise button

If you finalised,and if they play on your computer,I suggest you to try other media.
Maybe your new burner can’t handle these discs very well…

It burns DVD DVD-R alright

[QUOTE=Rhodae;2723459]It burns DVD DVD-R alright[/QUOTE]

Has nothing to do with it…:disagree:
If your new burner doesn’t support the brand or CD Media Code,burning the disc can cause such problems…
What brand and model of writer you use?What media you use to burn those audiodiscs?

Nero. My comp is a new Dell XS model

^ roadworker is asking you what brand of cd blank discs you are using.

Im trying different ones… Sony CD-R

Try running Nero in compatability mode with Windows XP since that is the operating system you used with your old computer.I have seen cases where optical media created by Windows 7 were not readable in Windows XP systems.

You can also install Windows XP mode in Windows 7.