CD-R burn failing


I’ve been having real trouble geting my cd’s to burn. No matter what program i use ( Windows, Roxio, Media Monkey ) they all fail just as they are getting to the end of the process. It may list it on the CD that there are say 12 tracks but only 10 will play.

I have checked the DMA, updated the chipset, downloaded any new drivers etc but nothing seems to work :a

Incedently DVD’s burn ok.

Any idea’s and help most welcome


Hi and Welcome!

could you please provide some information about the drive and media you are using? Nero Info Tool (comes with Nero, but can also be downloaded from is a good tool to get that information.

Maybe this is just a media issue. Try a different media brand, and try other burning speeds. 16x should normally be okay for audio CD.


Hello Micheal and thanks

My burner came with my Dell pc, i believe it is a hybrid machine - HL-DT-ST DVD ±RW GWA4164B. Firmware version E113

I have tried a couple of different disc types ( Sony & Verbatim ) but no joy.

On the drive properties i have put the speed down to 16x.

Have also tried it with DLA enabled and unabled.

Cheers for your help

Hi redeye71, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

That only controls the burning speed used for the built-in drag-and-drop burning in Windows; it doesn’t affect the burning speed used by other programs so you have to set that when burning in the other programs - this is done differently in the various programs you mention.

The 16x burning speed suggested by mciahel is usually the best when burning audio CDs. :iagree:

hiya guys,

have tried the burn speeds, still no luck :frowning:



does any of you think it could be anything to do with the buffer under run ???

It depends on how the burner handles buffer under-runs and how many buffer under-runs there are.

If you have buffer under-runs you should burn at a lower speed; if you’re already burning at a low speed and getting buffer under-runs, then it’s probably either a DMA problem, a severely fragmented harddrive, or a result of having the burner on the same IDE channel as the harddrive or another drive it doesn’t like to cooperate with.

Hello guys

I have found the problem, it is the drive. i searched on the DELL forums and alot of people have been having the same problem with the same drive (HL-DT-ST DVD± RW GWA4164B )

Put in a new drive, problem solved :smiley:

thanks for all your help