CD-R Audio

Hey i was just wondering whether the LTR-24102B burner supports burning audio to cd-r audio discs. On the actual cd back cover it states “This is a cd for recording music use. When used with a cd recorder that bears the logo mark shown on the left, you can produce your own original cd’s”. The logo mark it is referring to is a compact disc digital audio recording one.

Will the Lite-On do this with any hassles?


These audio cdr’s have a special bit set in the ATIP information. An stand-alone audio-cd-recorder checks if this information is available on the cd-r you are using, so it won’t write normal cd-r’s which don’t have this bit set in the ATIP information.

But I think that the other way around is no problem. Your writer doesn’t check this specific ATIP information and just starts to burn! But do you really want to pay extra for those audio-cdr’s where only 1 part of the ATIP information is different… the resulting burn is no different!


thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
my friend actually bought the cd’s and wanted a compilation done for him.