[CD-R] Any good? Fujifilm "PhotoDisc CD-R" & "CD-R for Photo"



Launched last fall, I think they are still only available to UK & Canadian markets?

In UK it’s called “PhotoDisc CD-R” and in Canada “CD-R for Photo” is used. I don’t know if there are other difference beside the max writing speed:

PhotoDisc CD-R - 52x
CD-R for Photo - 48x.

I bought a 5 disc pack from Walmart. They look very identical to ordinary Fuji CD-Rs. First disc burned at 16x (LiteOn combo), scanned with max speed & got max C2=60 (all near ends) and hundreds of C2 in total (DAMN SCARY & WORST result ever on TY!). Second disc burned at 24x, resulting max C1=3, total C1=11 (BEST result ever on TY! see attachment evidence :slight_smile: ). OMG I really dare not try a 3rd disc right now.

It seems TY uses a slightly different Cyanine recipe on these discs, and there is definitely an extra anti-UV coating.

And of course they are pretty pricy. 5 discs pack for $6 and 10 discs for $12 in Canada (price in CAD). BTW right now there is a mail-in rebate promotion… save $2.5 or $5…okay I’m not working for Fujifilm.


your drive isnt a good scanner , such low c1s is impossible


Because it’s a combo drive? Actually I did two scans (last night and today). The varience is small. :confused:


:iagree: , combos arent good at all for c1/c2 from what ive read on other threads

if c1/c2 tests are important to you then youll have to get a burner that supports scanning em