Cd-r and the 109 best quality media help



looking to get some new cd-r media for the pioneer 109, i have herd the
Datawrite Titanium Full Face Printable (52x) 80 minute CDR in Spindle Tubs of 100 which use prodisc dye are very good would you use them

these are from my friend got the Ridisc Printable (52x) 80 Minute CDR and thses use the cmc dye and herd thay are very poor

could you give me some ifo on the cd-r like to write @32 to 40x printable


Well, Taiyo Yuden are always a smart choice. Don’t know if you can find the IJ Printable ones in the UK very easily though. As for the Prodisc, I certainly wouldn’t call them anything more than average. I have used a number of Prodisc CD-Rs (before I learned about quality media) and the durability on them is definitely no where near what it should be for top quality media.


not to bothered about getting the best media on these type of disks as i dont use many, I used the ridisk media which use CMC dye put wanted a bit better quality but not the best

I have herd from best to worse here would you agree ???

Tys dye
verbs dye
Prodisk dye
ritek (JS Dye)
cmc dye

or would you say diffrent ???


That sounds about right although there really isn’t such a thing as a Verbatim dye.