CD-R and DVD-R/W Printable disc questions


I am looking for a good way to label my discs carefully. For full colour I have read that a inkjet printer and inkjet media are best. However I was wondering if the printed discs get wet or moist, will the ink smudge and run ?

Also I am looking for a high quality printable media such as Taiyo Yuden, or something comparable.

Is verbatim or Ritek discs good quality ?


Verbatim printable are widely available, and I’d go for those over Ritek any day of the week.

I believe TY make glossy printable discs too (there’s a thread about them in Blank Media, I’ll try and dig it up).

As for smudging, I have no experience of that, but some people like to “fix” their discs with spray found in art shops - again, someone with more experience will hopefully post more.

Edit: three threads for you:

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Ritek and Ricoh media have nice printable surfaces.
TY media has nice results, but a less nice printable surface.
Verbatim is inbetween and I think Verbs are the best choice :wink: