CD-R and DVD Media Longevity Test Results

I was searching the forum for recent scans of old CD-R and DVD media to see how well they’ve held up over the years without luck. I was going to post a suggestion in the DVD Media Test forum, but they are strict about testing results/scans only.

I want to suggest a separate thread or even forum with just scans of old CD-Rs and DVDs by manufacturer. All of us know that great scans after a burn only tell us if a burn was recorded correctly, but that’s a false sense of confidence especially for archival purposes. What about the degrading dyes? All of my cheap Philips 2.4X media that I burned and tested in 2002 had passing results, but when I checked them recently, they were garbage (as I expected).

Since CD-Rs and DVD media have been out for awhile now, I think it makes sense to post quality scans for burns made 5 to 8 years ago (longer if possible). Longevity test results are what really matter to me now. Of course, there’s alot of uncontrollable variables like storage conditions, underlying manufacturers, etc. but any info is better than nothing.
So a test scan should have the age of the media burn, the brand, the underlying manufacturer and any other info you can include.

Your thoughts on this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps these threads are what you’re looking for?

Aging and older DVD media scans

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Thank you for the links! I bookmarked both of them. I wasn’t being lazy. I couldn’t find them. :slight_smile: