[CD-R] Alternative to Verbatim DataLife Plus?




I’ve purchased 50 Verbatim DataLife Plus CD-R blanks since I read everywhere that those were good. In fact, I’ve used an earlier model of them before and was always very pleased with the results.

Anyway, I’ve already burned 2 CD’s and they are horible! My DVD-Drive can sometimes read them after trying for some minutes, my CD-Burner (Mitsumi CR-4804TE) reads them most of the time but still makes funny sounds…

Here are the specs:
“Verbatim DataLife Plus (Super Azo)” 52x - 97m34s23f (700 MB) - green/blue - Made in China

Those are the ones that worked previously:
“Verbatim DataLife Plus (Super Azo)” - 1x-16x - 97m34s21f (700 MB) - dark blue

I liked the Verbatim’s because of the extra protection layer, but if I my Burner doesn’t like them there’s nothing I can do about.

So, what are good alternatives?



Taiyo Yuden, for example!


where do I find those? Btw. I thought that my Verbatim’s already were TY?!


Yes, there are verbatim branded TY media like the pastels, these ones in different
colors! Where do you find it, it depends on where you live, there are many internet shops, to get real TY media. Your verbatim media, made in china, is definetely not TY.
There should be Made in Japan.


The Verbatim Pastels are TY and excellent - the item code is 43417. In the UK SVP stock them.

BTW to get the best quality burn from these or any other CD use your CD writer.


@ all

is it possible that my CD-writer is too old to burn new 52x Media? I mean, the maximum speed I can burn with is 4x :frowning:

Is there any difference between:

“Verbatim DataLife CD-R 700 MB Speed Pastel (48x)U [/U]


“Verbatim DataLife CD-R 700MB B[/B]” U[/U]?

I don’t care about the higher recording speed or the colorful label, but the pastel ones are quite pricy.

BTW: The DataLife Plus I got have item code: 43343


are those Mitsubishi’s then? The thing I’m trying to figure out is if my Burner doesn’t like Media or if I simply got bad Verbatim’s that might have been produced by some cheap company like CMC…

what do you mean by that? What else would I use other than my CD writer? Or are you saying that my Mitsumi recorder burns Verbatim Pastel’s pretty good?


Is there any difference between:

“Verbatim DataLife CD-R 700 MB Speed Pastel (48x)” (43417)


“Verbatim DataLife CD-R 700MB (52x)” (43351)?

These are 2 different products - the pastel uses a Taiyo Yuden dye which is one of the best. From my experience it’s only these that I can play in my car stereo but I must use my CD Writer as a DVD writer just doesn’t burn a CD with the same quality.


ok I see. I’ve checked out the TY thread and there are results on Verbatim’s Pastel blanks that aren’t that good: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=664526&postcount=64

one guy used a Mitsumi Burner and got pretty bad results using that media and now I’m concerned that the pastel ones might not work very well on my Mitsumi burner either…


are the regular Verbatim DataLife also identified as “TY”? I’ve found a regular Verbatim DataLife in my archive and it was identified as Taiyo Yuden and performed quite good.


Such an old burner was definately not designed to work with such new CD-Rs. One particular problem with using a very low speed on high speed CD-Rs is pit smearing (the laser spends too long on the dye and the pits become kinda blurred).

I can recommend that you get a new CD burner. You could try the LiteON 52x32x52 (a model or two up from mine):


Edit: You’ll have to just go to www.aria.co.uk if you want to buy from there as that other link is the info page.



thanks for your advice. On the other hand, I’ve got a Verbatim DataLife 48x I burned in 2003 and it worked just fine…


It could be:

  1. Burner has worn out (laser/motor) since then
  2. A bad batch of normally good media
  3. Media made by a crappy company like CMC

Have you tried any Taiyo Yuden media yet?


good thought. How do I know if it is Taiyo Yuden media or not? The Verbatim “DataLife” 48x I’ve got shows up as Taiyo Yuden and those worked in 2003. The “DataLife Plus” I recently got didn’t work. But maybe it has something to do with the 48x and 52x difference. I’ve seen posts by people that stated that i.e. “Verbatim 48x Pastel’s” performed way better than “Verbatim 52x Pastel’s”…


That tends to be mis-information as TY 48x=TY 52x. I would think that your 52x DataLife Plus would be the culprit. Try and get hold of some Verbatim Pastels from:

http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/acatalog/80mincdr.html (Scroll down a bit)

They are 48x anyway, so no worries there!

Also, nearer to the bottom, there are packs of unbranded TY.


well, the Verbatim DataLife Plus I ordered were 48x, but the ones I actual received were 52x :frowning:

Also, there are 52x Verbatim Pastel’s! See here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=36267

you might want to check out the post as well: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1017836&postcount=85


Hmm, they may not be proper TY (maybe manufactured by someone else) as AFAIK TY don’t officially make 52x CD-Rs.

Try the 48x Pastels I posted above, or possibly the unbranded/printable TY further down the page.


Have a look at here 52x typical TY Cakebox opusshop.de
I haven’t tried them yet, cause i use only the pastels or the unbranded TY cd-r’s, but maybe soon :wink:


Hmm, I thought that was just a branding thing and that they were the same CD inside?