Cd-r @ 70.7

Anybody ever had there cd-r burn at speeds way higher than it should be? I was burning a cd last night and noticed that it kept getting faster and faster. The drive is a norcent 48x. I took a screen shot click
Most of the time it will go up to 52 but 70…that’s just weird

Noticed the time? :wink:

Clearly Nero’s mistake (or photoshoped :wink: )

This sure is no photoshop or whatsoever. Once, I modded my Nero to display the real speed, and I changed some other value in the registry as well.

You can see the results in this thread.

ok i didnt photoshop it lol…you guys are to smart for that. I guess I should have stated that it did not burn the whole time at 70.7 just maybe something like the last 5-6 secs. I just found it weird that the whole time it was burning it kept jumping up higher than the drives rated speed.