CD Questions



Is 4x a safe speed to burn TY DVD-R’s?
How can i make my movies burn at maximum characters instead of just about 6 to stop those annoying underscores when viewing my movie names?
How can i tell if my writer is worn/wearing?
If my writer was wearing would it error whilst burning dvds or burn them and id get playback issues and those playback issues would be picked up on a software like CD/DVD speed?
Another question not related to Media (Sorry)
If i have a film on cd with a VBR or AC3 will it gradually get out of sync?
Can anything make sound go out of sync on a movie on a DVD-R?
What would playback be like if the DVD was knackered?



Looking at the top Taiyo Yuden Disc at the top of the 100 Disc spindel i see millions of specs on the back this i noticed after burning it, i didnt look at the back of the disc before burning so it might have ben there.
Anyway these specs are so small it looks like someones got a paintbrush and pinged the brissles and looksl ike its made millions of dots of water everywhere, the only prob is i cant remove them (i dont think!)
This is the only disc i noticed it with and was the top of the pile.
What could have caused this to happen to the disc??

Also i was just wondering, when u burn a file does the original stay there and it makes a ghost copy of that file to burn on CD so if i had a bad burn it wouldnt corrupt the file i was burning on the cd?
It would obviously corrupt the file on the cd but would it corrupt the original of that file on the pc?
I was just wondering because watching them on the dvd i saw freezes, then i watched the versions that were still on the pc that never touched the cd and they froze in the same places.
Isit just a bad rip?


The maximum safe burning speed depends on the rating of the disc. It is always safe to burn at the rated speed. Many 8X T-Y can be burned safely at 12X or sometimes even 16X with no quality loss.

Burning speed has nothing to do with underscores in filenames. Try making sure you have enabled the Joilet filesystem.

If your writer is randomly producing coasters then it might be dying. Though this can be indicative of other problems too. There is no way to tell for sure unless you get some LED blink code or a professional service person examines it.

A failing drive can burn discs that cause playback issues, but then onethousand and one other things can cause this too.

It is possible that VBR elements in videos can cause synch problems, but it depends on what you use to create the video and what you use to play it back.

Out of synch sound can be a result of many things. CBR audio is safest.

If the DVD has a defective burn than anything can happen depending on what kind of error it is and how your playback device handles errors.

In general, it appears that the top disc(s) of any spindle are more likely to have quality issues than any other discs in the spindles. The reasons for this are not known. Therefore I cannot offer a reason why there are specs of dust on the disc.

When you burn a file, the source copy is not touched. Even if the burn failed, the original file would not have been corrupted. Of course the original file might be defective as a result of some other unrelated problem. If the burned file and original file both fail in the same places then it is very likely the file was defective before you burned it.


What are coasters and would they come up as errors on the screen?

Is there anything other than VBR to cause out of synchness?
Would even keeping VBR movies on a Hard Drive eventually out of sync and the same goes for a CD or would something have to damage to Hard drive and the CD for sound to go out of sync?

What did you mean by quality loss?
Freezes and blocky parts in the movie? Not degrading in the same way analog video would though right? Not degrading as a 3 hour movie ripped at 600 mb would look like either, right?
Thank you for your help.
Plz reply a.s.a.p.

Sorry id like to add this too, if the dvd has no errors picked up in CD/DVD speed will it be ok? Like be exactly the same as it was b4 it went on CD? U know the same picture and sound etc Although thinking about it, it depends on what writer u watch the movie on doesnt it? so if the pioneer 107D didnt pick up any errors on the cd with CD/DVD speed, then i copied it back to the pc would it play exactly the same way it would before it even went on the cd? IF no errors are found on CD/DVD Speed?


Sorry was just replying in case someone forgotten what i put.



So ne1 know?


Anyway about these specs i see on the backs of discs.
I have burned 5 TY Discs now with 4 of them having those specs on that back these arent big specs theyre little specs that look like millions of specs of grease or water on it but its unremovable, i cannot remove it, it stays on.
The first cd of the pack was worst.
And others it on on little parts of the DVD’s.
They look translucent.
What are they and will they get worse? Do they matter?



are they on the dye side might be dust and it’s interfeared with the laser before puting a disc in the writer check it for dust or dirt if you see any clean with a soft non lint cloth


Yeah, sorry, theyre on the dye side yeah.
Yeah ill blow inside the writer and see if the issues continue.
If they do what else could it be?


don’t forget to check the dvd-r for dust on it


ok ill make sure of that everytime before i burn.
If still get problems what else could it be?

It couldnt be a naff cd could it cos if a cd goes bad it doiesnt go like that does it??

It does look like condensation has been on it and as the worst was the top cd that prob explains it.

We were all out 2 days on the trot and the delivery men attempted the deliver the discs for 2 days we had to drive out and pick them up in the end.
First disc on the spindel was the worst it looked like millions of dots you sometime would see if u held something above a kettle and looked at it.
It could be dust related like you said.
If it was to do with the disc changing temperatures a lot would that be what caused it and would it be ok?

thanks for the help everyone.

Whenever you ppl get a chance or the first bloke to reply to me would u plz answer the other questions asked.

T V Much.


Sorry i would also like to add that on my non written dvds on the spindle around the outer edge i notice the same specs.
It looks like the sort of thing due to temperature therefore are the discs destroyed now?
Will the specs move further in?


I’m worried in case this is a problem because ive just bought a spindel of 100 DVD’s which all have these specs on and i dunno if theyre guna make the discs wear out quicker, done suyrface scans on em and they all seem ok its just in the future say about 2 months they could start wearing because of these little specs.
These specs can only be seen when the lights shining on the disc but they look like theyve been pressed into the disc.
I can only see them round the outer edge of the discs before burning.
Its not dust i dont think.