Cd quality test

cd quality test i did that test with nero and got like 24,000errors does that mean the cd is not going to work i only get eerors cd,s i burnt at 52. 48 is fine but a course i want to burn at 52 lol

What kind of media are using? From what you said it sounds like it’s only reliable up to 48x.

staples branded lol and what i realy want to know is if it said eeeors is that cd not going to install the program i burnt to it?

There’s only one way to find out. :bigsmile:

Seriously, though, if you’re getting good burns at 48x why not just stick with that until you pick up some better media? You’re maybe saving 10 seconds, but jeopardizing your data in the process.

true man this town stinks for geting new stuff though.i want some media that rewites at 24 so bad cause i have a poratble mp3 player that uses cd,s that would be a good way to go

The Staples media is crap CMC, check the 48x tests in my signature. Then run the file test in CDSpeed Scandisc to see if the files are readable, but i wouldn’t count on them being good. The ones i tested at 48x failed the read tests.

kewl thats a interesting link

every cdr i put in said it was the same thing cmc but they all burn diifently the memerex 48 was the fastest 702 megs in 2 minutes 33 seconds