CD quality check or scandisk?


I wonder what gives a better indication on the quality of a burned cd-r, the cd quality check in CDSPEED or the scandisk in CDSPEED ?


For C2 scans, readcd (windows binaries for cdrtools here) is much more accurate.

Thnx for the link to the tool but if you look at the two options i mentioned from within the CDSPEED tool, wich of those two is the most accurate?

@alexnoe: where do i get the latest precomplied binaries for cdrtools (win32)?

@Bhodi: Quality check
@webcrawler: once in a while, someone posts a link into a german cd writer newsgroup. But I can’t remember that link

wich of those two is the most accurate?

They are essentially the same. I prefer Quality Check because of the better display of the read and error data.

Scandisk can show all green with no errors when the quality check shows some problems i.e. slight slowdowns in read with scandisk are sometimes ignored whereas they will show (for me) using cdquality check as errors - I do both anyway for important stuff - and listen for slowdowns whilst the drive is doing its thing.