Cd protection

have a problem.

when i have protected a file it makes a new icon, and then i cant open the file enymore i get an error were there are standing something with my kernel file.

But what the H…l means that.
mad cow :a

good protection

Wirus as you have probably read in this thread in which you have subscribed already, this is what happened to me when i used cd protector.

originally posted by Hemispasm
…when i tried to open from the cd the same error appeared “unable to locate exported function RegisterServiceProcess in kernel32.dll”…

There’s no reason reposting this as a new thread. If there is nothing you can not understand

originally posted by wiruz_dk
the forum is not a very easy one so i am a little F…ckt.
in this forum cant find enything.

, please post in the other thread and we will try to help you