Cd protection

hello everybody!

huh,i think i have a problem…hope you will help me to solve it :slight_smile:

in a few days i have a meeting with very big record label, so they will probably ask for demo songs. i would like to protect my cd from copying (copy/paste) and so… if it isn’t possible to fully protect cd, is there any way to crypt codes or something like that?..because they probably won’t stay for hours in front of the PC and look to encrypt it…

thanks in advance

A few programs here, some do audio, most are reliant on cloneCD to apply the protection - and some are dead links.

To repeat the old warning though, what can be written can be copied - after all, if the clever chappies pressing millions of CD’s cannot come up with an unbreakable audio protection, what chance do you stand, especially as to WRITE it in the first place, it must be possible to write.

The other problem for audio protections, is they must work with equipment designed before protection was considered, and with more versatile players such as MP3 CD and “play anything” DVD.

Only other thing I can think of, is to embed some CTCSS tones, or lower frequencies - maybe morse code, 1 unit per second, 5Hz carrier - for standard 50 unit word length, (PARIS), that would be 50 seconds per word.

Do you really think they will steal the music…?
Cool…then you can sue them later for mega-moola.
Don´t worry is my advice…it´s your music so only you own the rights so far…unless you sign anything weird with them.

If they believe you are good, it means they believe they can make money out of you and your music…then they will pretend to be really nice to you.

You don’t [I]want [/I] them to copy your music? I should think you’d be honored if they did!