How will I know if a CD is cd-protected ?

I’ve tried many times to copy ‘Tender Prey’ by Nick Cave, without succeeding.

Any suggestions?

/violentos :eek:

A-ray scanner

Thank u for your help ako.

A-Ray Scanner says: No Protection detected -> I:\Audio CD [11B4B91]

So I’m even more frustrated now :slight_smile:

This CD is not marked or anything, so I find it rather strange.

I assume that CD STUMM 52 is not refering to some kind of cd-protection, or?

if its a music cd try cdex

I’ve tried using CDex, but when I do, my songs plays without any sound at all.

Actually CDex is the first program that managed to “read” this cd, so thats at least progress?

This is getting more and more frustrating… :confused:

what happens when you go to play the cd on your computer and does it do the same on a normal cd player

No it doesn’t.

I have another cd by Nick Cave that has this CD Stumm printed on its cover. So it can’t be that.

I’m running out of ideas… heh.