CD Protection will be cracked only on DVD !?

hi all , this is my first post

I have a protected CD … i tried to clone it using CloneCD …

the cloned copy worked succesfuly on dell DVD player

but the same cloned CD failed to run on CD player …

any suggestion ?

what is the different between CD player and DVD player … ( is there any kind of information that could be extracted from the CD player but not form the DVD player ?

thanks in advance

Are there any other programs that could Rip a CD (assuming that it would take the Protection off), like make a copy of it, not a shareware though, but a freeware? My StarCraft BroodWar CD is starting to crack, and I need to back it up before I can’t use it anymore =/

There is no good free programs that can copy copy protected cds and dvds.The best programs are Alcohol 120% and Blindwrite 6.I am not sure about blindwrite but for alcohol i am sure that there is trial version.You can use it to make the backup copy and then uninstall it and mount the image made with alcohol in daemon tools which is free and play the game this way.