Cd protection question



As far as i can tell there are 3 major protection schemes. Safedisc, Securom, and Starforce. Is it possible to make 1:1 backups of the latest versions of these protections?

I have a liteon 411S and it cannot backup safedisc v3.2 and up.

Also does anyone think there will be a way to backup starforce anytime soon? I have a copy of chaos theory that i wanted to make a backup of but i can’t get it to work. I really don’t want to have to disconnect my ide drives everytime i want to play on the backup. I’ve heard that starforce is really hard to back up and really hard to reverse engineer.


liteon drives have problems with the latest safedisc anyway 1:1 backups are almost impossible now its all about emulation…


For safedisc : it’s no longer possible to make a 1:1 copy that will work in every drive since version 2.9, because of the new weak sectors it introduced. It’s still possible to make CD backups that work in some drives but not all. Concerning DVDs it won’t be possible to make 1:1 backups anytime soon.

Securom : Plextor premium makes perfect copies, especially for securom 5.xx and up that no longer include the atip check.
However on DVDs it’s not possible.

Starforce : given the way it checks the CD, 1:1 copies on CD-Rs will not be possible, and emulation of starforce is currently a pain in the a**.


One burner does comes close. Copies from this drive even work in the notoriously intolerant Toshiba DVD-ROM drives. It’s the old OOP Plextor 8/20 SCSI drive. You’ll have to hunt on ebay to find it for sale.

Another good good drive to get is a Lite-On 167T DVD-ROM drive. This drive is a very tolerant reader for safedisk copies. I burned a disk using my Plextor 708a (A 0 sheep burner!) and it played fine in this drive.