CD Protection Infomation

I’m new to looking at copy protection indeth, so I was wondering if you guys could post links to infomation, about how copy protections work, how a cd reads the data, seeks etc etc to help me understand better how copy protections not only work, but how they are bypassed

TIA Khaine :slight_smile:

You should look through this forum. Tagès, SafeDisc 2 and seeking has been explained here (make all posts visible, not only the last 30 days), as well as how fooling SecuROM guard module works.

I’m new to looking at copy protection indeth

“Dying” to know more I see :bigsmile:

The links at: should help.

Read Chip Chapin’s guide, a link is posted by spath, Professor Kuhn’s guide, the first link posted by spath, and my site, in the link posted by me.