CD Protection for Doom 3?

Ok, ive been at it for a bit now and cant seem to get the seconds disk of doom 3 to install, i know the cd is not damaged but can not seem to make a working copy of it, ClonyXXL and A-Ray show nothing as far as copy protection, but unless in use 120% Securom NEW 4.X and set the DPM to 4x Its wont even finish the rip, its get to like 56% and fails. I though this might be cause some cd protection system write the CD data in a spiral pattern to fool backup programs. So when i use the Securom NEW 4.X it completes the rip with no errors but I can’t open the MDS/MDF Files its says its not a Valid win 32 application. So I guess i need to know if anyone else has had this problem and if and how they fixed it. Any help on this matter would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in Avdance.

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Doom 3 uses safedisc copyprotection and you need to select the safedisc profile in the reading options. There should be errors at the start of the disc but this is part of the protection on the disc. These are between sectors 200 and 10000 (if I remember correctly) and the rest of the disc should rip without errors.

After you have made a copy or image of the disc, then test the disc by mounting it in a virual drive, like the one available in alcohol 120% or deamon tools. If the image works then weather or not you can make a backup on CD or DVD is up to the ability of the dvd or cd drive to cope with the protection.

Doom 3 (CD) Uses Safedisc Version 3.20.022. This is one of the most Hardware Dependant Versions Safedisc ever made. A successful burn depends on your writers EFM capability. Aray is more than Capable of Detecting this, sometimes however the game needs to be installed and an installed directory scan needs to be done. As Last Stand has stated a Virtual Drive mount may be the only option. What Writer do you have.

The second CD is not protected. If you can’t rip it it is probably damaged in some way (not necessarily visible). Try ripping it at a lower speed or/and in another drive.

Thank you all for your help and advice.

I Have 2 CD Writers:
1: Internal Sony CD-RW CRX230ED
2: External RICOH CD-RW MP7400A (USB)

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I do know that a working copy can be made using alcohol 120 and pioneer a07xl drive, but it will only work played back in that exact drive, and no other.

Apply the latest patch and it removes the SafeDisc check!


Hi, i have .iso-s. The second disk contains the file that the installer requests. But inspite of mounting the 2nd disc (so i can mount => the image seems OK) and pressing OK for the CD request it just always reappeares. In Alcohol 120% every emulation is checked.

How could this happen? or what to do?

Thanks in advance!

why don’t you just install from your original discs?
install the latest patch, it will remove the copy protection from the game.

Thanks, it works!