Cd protect?

i want to ask for any program or sowftware that protect my cd from being copied from the others
Please give the link for download this program

You can’t. Not even big companies can :stuck_out_tongue:

True enough, CDs can’t be copy protected but there are some cd copy protection schemes aimed at preventing the general public from copying CDs. However, users are more and more savvy now with the proliferation of CD Rewriters so that would be a waste of time IMHO.

That being said, maybe ecrypting your files would fit your bill? It would help if you gave us more details about what your intentions are.

YOUR cd? Or a copy of some other companies CD?

Personally, (And i’m not referring directly to you) I think it is very funny when someone wants to copy-protect someone else’s copyrighted data! :bigsmile:

But… I would recommend TZCopyProtect if you know how to use CDR-WIN. It is the most toughest protection.

Hi all …
1st of all i wanna thank all of you for answering me …

2nd … i’ll be happy if i could find a good copy-protect software… So Could you help me on this…

3rd… about the (TZCopyProtect) i couldn’t find it so could you send me a good link to if … i appricate it …

              my regards,,,