CD problem! No cd can be found

Hello people !!!
I am fairly new at cd burning (audio) but I have a problem at the moment and Im hoping I can get some help from people who know what they’re talking about !!
When I use nero the blank cd keeps coming out with the message ‘’ plaese insert blank cd’’ . Its not locating the blank cd at all. I click properties on my cd drive and it says I have no space left. HELP !

1st, welcome to our forum!
2nd, edited the topic title so it desribes what this is about
3rd, Could you please provide a little bit more information on your PC, WIndows version, writer, writing software (installed and used)

Yeah , sorry. Only new here so Im a dumbass !!
Ok Im using the Nero 6 and Easy Cd creator 6. Im working with Windows xp and my writer is PHILIPS CDRW2412A.
I’ll be very grateful if someone can help

Hi Guys,

I am also relatively new at burning CDs. I have a similar setup on my system (Win 98, EZ Creator ver5) with the same CD burner.

I seem to have a myraid of problems with my Phillips. Who, btw, have NO help to speak of for their products.

I just tried to burn some music twice and both times, my system would hang up after it was done (I needed to ctrn-alt-del to get out of realplayer as I wanted to play the CD after I had burned it) and NOTHING WAS THERE!

I am trying again using Win Media Player. ANY advice would help me guys!


Wish I could help, all I know is that I have seen this problem pass by many times on this forum (but never read any of the threads themselves). Perhaps you’ll find an answer in older posts on this forum?

I don’t have an answer to this but I did have a similar problem with a yamaha CDRW. Not only did it fail to detect loads of disks - it made an absolute racket when it spun up.

I eventually found that it liked Memorex blanks and stuck with those - I never got it to work with other disks - except the ones that came with it. Just a crap bit of kit I reckon.

Try using all your pal’s blank CDs until you get one that works and stick with it.