CD problem! No cd can be found

I have a problem which is really annoying and I would really appreciate some help. The problem is that I cant insert a cd during my computer is running. If I do so, nothing happens. No cd can be found. But if i have the same cd in when I start my computer, it works. This is not only annoying but it also makes it impossible to install programs/games where I need more than one cd during installation.
Please help me because Ive asked all my friends but they havent been able to solve it. Im using Windows XP and Im having the same problem with my dvd player (but the dvdplayer rarely works anyways so that isnt my main problem).

is auto-insert notification turned on? right click the drive, and try properties?

Well, one of my friend told me that could be the problem so Ive already tried that once. Now it worked to open and close the cd (and it found the cd that had been in before) but I still couldnt change cds. So if you have any other ideas please enlighten me.

What O/S you running and have you done any updates or SP. Are all drivers updated?

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Im using Windows XP


wait wait - do you mean you can see the NEW cd? or the old one? and did you try hitting refresh?

why not get new aspi drivers and also get newest motherboard drivers and go from there …

if that dont do it i would do quick fix

take the drive out and put in another computer and see if you have the problem if not there is something on your machine and you know the drive is good and working properly …but if it does same thing in your friends comptuer it is the drive

also what cables are you using ?

well those are just how I would go about it all …


just going by technician point of view …take it somewhere else to see if same results then you know it maybe your computer and go from there

Thanks for the help everybody. But Im not very good with handling the parts of the computer so I dont think I should take the computer apart myself. Perhaps I can get some help from my friends to do it.

Where can you see which Cd player you got? So you can get the correct drives.

giovanni42104// Cables? I didnt even know I had any there :wink:

they are IDE Cables …but that is not what i was exactly saying …i would test it in another machine and if it acts same way then it is the drive …if it acts fine then it something in the original machine …meaning yours …so now you have to start looking there … I doubt it is the cables but like i said that is what i would do … just to eliminate the problems

Ok, thanks again. But I better get someone over to help me or else it might end up messy.